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4XEagleEye Pvt. Advisory Services


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4XEagleEye was mainly created to give the financial market traders a technical analysis informational edge. Financial markets are always moving. And we believe people who can trade profitably on such a dynamic markets are the ones who have the ability to interpret information, and can use these interpretations on forecasting prices’ next move. With this in mind, we had built our system around giving our clients this technical analysis informational edge in a timely manner and user friendly interface as well.

What I will get by joining your services?
  1. A daily short-term market out look. This report is mint to give you a briefed explanation for current market conditions.
  2. Hourly updated market alerts designed to buzz the important changes on current market conditions.
  3. Twelve hourly moving averages monitoring current market trends.
  4. Six hourly market oscillators looking for overbought/oversold status.
  5. Current market volatility study updated hourly showing volatility percentage for each instruments.
  6. Reversal probability, a statistical probability study that measures instrument’s reversal probability via comparing current market move related to historical movements for same instrument.
  7. Reversal Candles pattern recognizer, hourly updated study recognizing the formation of any reversal candles.
  8. Harmonic pattern recognizer, hourly updated study recognizing the potential formation for any harmonic reversal pattern.